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LION 5: Technical Program

The different kinds of papers to be orally presented are the following:
(R-20 min): Regular papers, which have 20 minutes for presenting (including questions)
(S-15 min): Short papers, which have 15 minutes for presenting (including questions)

Monday 17

[10:00-12:00] Conference registration and participants welcome

Lunch break


TUTORIAL: Reactive Business Intelligence (RBI) and Data Mining (2 hours)
Roberto Battiti and Mauro Brunato, University of Trento, Italy

[16:00-16:30] Coffee break


TUTORIAL: Multiobjective Optimization for Innovation in Engineering Design (1.5 hours)
Silvia Poles, EnginSoft, Italy

Tuesday 18

[ 9:00] Conference registration


TUTORIAL: A Systems Approach to Evolutionary Aerodynamic Design Optimization (2 hours)
Yaochu Jin, University of Surrey, UK

Lunch break


TUTORIAL: Metaheuristics for Multiobjective Optimization (2 hours)
Carlos A. Coello Coello - CINVESTAV-IPN - Mexico

[16:00-16:30] Coffee break

[16:30] Special Session on “Performance Prediction” (LION-PP)
Organizers: Professor Kate Smith-Miles and Dr. Leo Lopes, Monash University, Australia

[R-20 min] Sequential Model-Based Optimization for General Algorithm Configuration [PDF]
Frank Hutter, Holger Hoos and Kevin Leyton-Brown

[R-20 min] Generalising Algorithm Performance in Instance Space: A timetabling case study [PDF]
Kate Smith-Miles and Leo Lopes

[17:10] Special Session on “Self-Tuning, Self-Configuring and Self-Generating Evolutionary Algorithms” (Self* EAs)
Organizers: Gabriela Ochoa, University of Nottingham, UK, and Marc Schoenauer, INRIA Saclay - Ile-de-France and Microsoft/INRIA joint center, Saclay, France

[R-20 min] The Sandpile Mutation Operator for Genetic Algorithms [PDF]
Carlos Fernandes, Juan Laredo, Juan Julian Merelo, Antonio Mora and Agostinho Rosa

[R-20 min] A Hybrid Fish Swarm Optimisation Algorithm for Solving the Examination Timetabling Problems [PDF]
Hamza Turabieh and Salwani Abdullah

[R-20 min] Self-Adaptation Techniques for Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms [PDF]
Saúl Zapotecas Martínez, Edgar G. Yáñez Oropeza and Carlos A. Coello Coello

[S-15 min] Analysing the Performance of Different Population Structures for an Agent-based Evolutionary Algorithm [PDF]
Juan Luís Jiménez Laredo, J.J. Merelo, Carlos Fernandes, Antonio Mora, María Isabel García Arenas, Pedro Castillo and Pablo García Sánchez

Wednesday 19

[ 8:30] Conference registration

[ 9:00] Welcome address (Luigia Carlucci–Aiello, Claudio Leporelli, Marco Schaerf) and Opening session of LION (Battiti, Yao, Coello)

[ 9:15] (session chair: Xin Yao)
Invited talk by Professor Benjamin W. Wah, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Title: “Planning Problems and Parallel Decomposition: A Critical Look”

[10:15-10:45] Coffee break

[10:45] Special Session on “Intelligent Multiobjective Optimization” (IMON)
Organizers: Dr. Dario Landa-Silva, University of Nottingham, UK, Prof Qingfu Zhang University of Essex, UK, Prof. David Wolfe Corne Heriot-Watt University, UK, Dr. Hui Li, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

[S-15 min] Multi objective Genetic Programming for Feature Construction in Classification Problem [PDF]
Mauro Castelli, Luca Manzoni and Leonardo Vanneschi

[R-20 min] Multi-Objective Optimization with an Adaptive Resonance Theory-based Estimation of Distribution Algorithm: A Comparative Study [PDF]
Luis Martí, Jesus Garcia, Antonio Berlanga and Jose M. Molina

[R-20 min] Multi-Objective Differential Evolution with Adaptive Control of Parameters and Operators [PDF]
Ke Li, Álvaro Fialho and Sam Kwong

[R-20 min] Distribution of Computational Effort in Parallel MOEA/D [PDF]
Juan J. Durillo, Qingfu Zhang, Antonio J. Nebro and Enrique Alba

[12:00] (session chair: Hoong Chuin Lau)

[R-20 min] Instance-based Parameter Tuning via Search Trajectory Similarity Clustering [PDF]
Lindawati, Hoong Chuin LAU and David Lo

[R-20 min] Fine-Tuning Algorithm Parameters using the Design of Experiments approach [PDF]
Aldy Gunawan, Hoong Chuin Lau and Lindawati

[R-20 min] Hybrid Population-Based Incremental Learning Using Real Codes [PDF]
Sujin Bureerat

[S-15 min] Clustering of Local Optima in Combinatorial Fitness Landscapes [PDF]
Gabriela Ochoa, Sebastien Verel, Fabio Daolio and Marco Tomassini

Lunch break

[15:00] (session chair: Carlos A. Coello Coello)

[R-20 min] Analyzing the Effect of Objective Correlation on the Efficient Set of MNK-Landscapes [PDF]
Sébastien Verel, Arnaud Liefooghe, Laetitia Jourdan and Clarisse Dhaenens

[R-20 min] Genetic Diversity and Effective Crossover in Evolutionary Many-objective Optimization [PDF]
Hiroyuki Sato, Hernan Aguirre and Kiyoshi Tanaka

[R-20 min] Pareto Autonomous Local Search [PDF]
Nadarajen Veerapen and Frédéric Saubion

[R-20 min] Greedy Local Improvement of SPEA2 Algorithm to Solve the Multiobjective Capacitated Transshipment Problem [PDF]
Nabil Belgasmi, Lamjed Ben Said and Khaled Ghedira

[16:20-17:00] Coffee break

[17:00] Special Session on “Software and Applications” (LION-SWAP)
Organizers: Mauro Brunato (University of Trento, Italy), Youssef Hamadi (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK), Silvia Poles (EnginSoft, Italy), Andrea Schaerf (University of Udine, Italy)

[R-20 min] EDACC - An advanced Platform for the Experiment Design, Administration and Analysis of Empirical Algorithms [PDF]
Adrian Balint, Daniel Gall, Gregor Kapler, Robert Retz, Daniel Diepold and Simon Gerber

[R-20 min] HAL: A Framework for the Automated Analysis and Design of High-Performance Algorithms [PDF]
Christopher Nell, Chris Fawcett, Holger Hoos and Kevin Leyton-Brown

[R-20 min] Hyperion - A Recursive Hyperheuristic Framework [PDF]
Jerry Swan, Ender Ozcan and Graham Kendall

[S-15 min] The Cross-domain Heuristic Search Challenge -- An International Research Competition [PDF]
Edmund Burke, Matthew Hyde, Graham Kendall and Gabriela Ochoa

Thursday 20

[ 8:30] Conference registration

[ 9:00] (session chair: Carlos A. Coello Coello)
Invited talk by Professor Edward Tsang, University of Essex, UK
Title: “Intelligent Optimization in Finance and Economics”

[10:00-10:30] Coffee break

[10:30] (session chair: Thomas Philip Runarsson)

[R-20 min] A Reinforcement Learning Approach for the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem [PDF]
Yailen Martínez Jiménez, Ann Nowe, Juliett Suárez Ferreira and Rafael Bello

[R-20 min] Supervised Learning Linear Priority Dispatch Rules for Job-Shop Scheduling [PDF]
Helga Ingimundardottir and Thomas Philip Runarsson

[R-20 min] On the Neutrality of Flowshop Scheduling Fitness Landscapes [PDF]
Marie-Eleonore Marmion, Clarisse Dhaenens, Laetitia Jourdan, Sebastien Verel and Arnaud Liefooghe

[R-20 min] Learning heuristic policies a reinforcement learning problem [PDF]
Thomas Philip Runarsson

[11:50] (session chair: Edward Tsang)

[R-20 min] Using Hyperheuristics under a GP framework for Financial Forecasting [PDF]
Michael Kampouridis and Edward Tsang

[R-20 min] Designing Stream Cipher Systems Using Genetic Programming [PDF]

[R-20 min] Gravitational Interactions Optimization [PDF]
Juan J. Flores, Rodrigo López and Julio Barrera

[R-20 min] Multivariate Statistical Tests for Comparing Classification Algorithms [PDF]
Olcay Yildiz, Ozlem Aslan and Ethem Alpaydin

[S-15 min] Local Search for Constrained Financial Portfolio Selection Problems with Short Sellings [PDF]
Luca Di Gaspero, Giacomo di Tollo, Andrea Roli and Andrea Schaerf

Lunch break

[15:00] (session chair: Gianluca Bontempi)

[R-20 min] GPU-based Multistart Local Search Algorithms [PDF]
Thé Van Luong, Nouredine Melab and El-Ghazali Talbi

[R-20 min] Improving Parallel Local Search for SAT [PDF]
Alejandro Arbelaez and Youssef Hamadi

[R-20 min] Variable Neighborhood Search for the Time-Dependent Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time Windows [PDF]
Stefanie Kritzinger, Fabien Tricoire, Karl F. Doerner and Richard F. Hartl

[R-20 min] An optimal stopping strategy for online calibration in local search [PDF]
Gianluca Bontempi

[16:20-17:00] Coffee break

[17:00] (session chair: Celso Ribeiro)

[R-20 min] Active Learning of Combinatorial Features for Interactive Optimization [PDF]
Paolo Campigotto, Andrea Passerini and Roberto Battiti

[R-20 min] On the Effect of Connectedness for Biobjective Multiple and Long Path Problems [PDF]
Sébastien Verel, Arnaud Liefooghe, Jeremie Humeau, Laetitia Jourdan and Clarisse Dhaenens

[R-20 min] Effective probabilistic stopping rules for randomized metaheuristics: GRASP implementations [PDF]
Celso Ribeiro, Isabel Rosseti and Reinaldo Souza

[R-20 min] Continuous Upper Confidence Trees [PDF]
Adrien Couetoux, Jean-Baptiste Hoock, Nataliya Sokolovska, Olivier Teytaud and Nicolas Bonnard

[20:00] Social Dinner at Hotel Forum

Friday 21

[ 8:30] Conference registration

[ 9:00] (session chair: Roberto Battiti)
Invited talk by Professor Xin Yao, University of Birmingham, UK
Title: “Evolving and Designing Neural Network Ensembles”

[10:00-10:30] Coffee break

[10:30] (session chair: Yoel Tenne)

[R-20 min] A Classifier assisted Framework for Expensive Optimization Problems: A Knowledge-Mining Approach [PDF]
Yoel Tenne, Kazuhiro Izui and Shinji Nishiwaki

[R-20 min] MetaHybrid: Combining Metamodels and Gradient-Based Techniques in a Hybrid Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm [PDF]
Alessandro Turco

[R-20 min] Robust Gaussian process-based global optimization using a fully Bayesian expected improvement criterion [PDF]
Romain Benassi, Julien Bect and Emmanuel Vazquez

[11:45] (session chair: Xin Yao)

[S-15 min] Towards an Intelligent Non-Stationary Performance Prediction of Engineering Systems [PDF]
David Toal and Andy Keane

[R-20 min] Solving the Two-Dimensional Bin Packing Problem with a Probabilistic Multi-Start Heuristic [PDF]
Lukas Baumgartner, Verena Schmid and Christian Blum

[R-20 min] A Genetic Algorithm hybridized with the Discrete Lagrangian Method for trap escaping [PDF]
Madalina Raschip and Cornelius Croitoru

[R-20 min] Solving extremely difficult MINLP problems using Adaptive Resolution micro-GA with Tabu Search [PDF]
Asim Munawar, Mohamed Wahib, Masaharu Munetomo, Kiyoshi Akama

[R-20 min] Adaptive Abnormality Detection on ECG signal by utilizing FLAC features [PDF]
Jiaxing Ye, Takumi Kobayashi, Tetsuya Higuchi and Nobuyuki Otsu

Lunch break

[15:00] (session chair: Antonio Frangioni)

[R-20 min] Hierarchical Hidden Conditional Random Fields for Information Extraction [PDF]
Satoshi Kaneko, akira hayashi, nobuo suematsu and kazunori iwata

[R-20 min] Transforming mathematical models using declarative reformulation rules [PDF]
Antonio Frangioni and Luis Perez Sanchez