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LION 4: Technical Program

The different kinds of papers are as follows:
(R-30min): regular papers, 30 minutes presentation
(O-30min): oral presentation only (work published elsewhere), 30 minutes presentation
(S-15min): short papers, 15 minutes presentation

Monday 18 ================================

[10:00-12:00] Conference registration and participants welcome

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[14:00] (session chair: Marcello Pelillo)
TUTORIAL: Raffaele Giancarlo, Dipartimento di Matematica ed Applicazioni, University of Palermo, Italy
Data Driven Class Discovery in Microarray Data: Algorithmic Paradigms and Fast Heuristics (2 hours)
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[16:00] (session chair: Samuel Rota Bulo')
Ilya Safro Mathematics and Computer Science Division Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Multilevel/multiscale/multigrid algorithms for optimization problems, with a special focus on combinatorial problems. (2 hours)
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Tuesday 19 ================================

[9:00] Conference registration

[10:00] (session chair: Holger Hoos)
Roberto Battiti, University of Trento, Italy
Reactive Optimization and Intelligent Optimization: from algorithms to software (2 hours)
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[15:00] (session chair: Kate Smith-Miles)
Holger Hoos, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, BC (Canada)
Computer-aided design of high-performance algorithms: Principled procedures for building better solvers (2 hours)
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"Multiobjective Metaheuristics" (LION-MOME)

Organizers: Prof. David Wolfe Corne Heriot-Watt University, UK, Prof Qingfu Zhang University of Essex, UK, Dr. Dario Landa-Silva, University of Nottingham, UK, Dr. Hui Li, University of Nottingham, UK

(R-30min) A Study of the Parallelization of the Multi-Objective Metaheuristic MOEA/D
Nebro, Antonio J.; Durillo, Juan J.
(R-30min) An Interactive Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Method Based on Polyhedral Cones
Sinha, Ankur; Deb, Kalyanmoy; Wallenius, Jyrki; Korhonen, Pekka
(S-15min) On the distribution of EMOA hypervolumes
Trautmann, Heike; Weihs, Claus; Naujoks, Boris; Mersmann, Olaf
(S-15min) Adapting to a confused and undecided decision maker: experiments towards a reactive multi-objective optimizer
Campigotto, Paolo; Passerini, Andrea

Wednesday 20 ================================

[8:30] Conference registration

[9:00] Opening session of LION (Battiti, Blum, Pelillo)

[9:15] (session chair: Roberto Battiti) Invited talk by Professor Xin Yao, The University of Birmingham, UK
Title: "How Efficient Are Evolutionary Algorithms?"
bio, abstracts

[10:15] (session chair: Xin Yao)

(R-30min) Multiclass Visual Classifier Based on Bipartite Graph Representation of Decision Tables
Haraguchi, Kazuya; Hong, Seok-Hee; Nagamochi, Hiroshi
(R-30min) A Randomized Iterated Greedy Algorithm for the Founder Sequence Reconstruction Problem
Benedettini, Stefano; Roli, Andrea; Blum, Christian
(S-15min) A Linear Approximation of the Value Function of an Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach for the Ship Routing Problem
Kobayashi, Kazuhiro
(S-15min) Using Generative Topographic Mapping for dimension reduction in engineering design
Viswanath, Asha; Forrester, Alexander; Keane, Andy

[12:00] (session chair: Stefan Voss)

(R-30min) A Combination of Evolutionary Algorithm, Integer Linear Programming, and a New Local Search Procedure for the Just-In-Time Job-Shop Scheduling Problem
dos Santos, André Gustavo; Araujo, Rodolfo Pereira; Arroyo, José Elias Claudio
(R-30min) Adaptive ``Anytime'' Two-Phase Local Search
Dubois-Lacoste, Jérémie; López Ibáñez, Manuel; Stützle, Thomas
(S-15min) Convergence of Probability Collectives with adaptive choice of temperature parameters
Smyrnakis, Michalis; Leslie, David
(S-15min) On the Coordination of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization using Expert Systems
Price, Andrew; Holden, Carren; Keane, Andy

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"Performance Prediction" (LION-PP)

Organizers: Professor Kate Smith-Miles Monash University, Australia

(R-30min) Understanding TSP Difficulty by Learning from Evolved Instances
Smith-Miles, Kate; van Hemert, Jano; Lim, Xinyu
(R-30min) Time-Bounded Sequential Parameter Optimization
Hutter, Frank; Hoos, Holger; Leyton-Brown, Kevin; Murphy, Kevin P.
(O-30min) Towards prediction of algorithm performance in real world optimisation problems
Messelis, Tommy; Vanden Berghe, Greet; De Causmaecker, Patrick; Bilgin, Burak; Haspeslagh, Stefaan
(S-15min) Pitfalls in Instance Generation for Udine Timetabling
Smith-Miles, Kate; Lopes, Leo


"Learning and Intelligent OptimizatioN in Structured domains" (LION-S)

Organizers: Prof Marcello Pelillo and Samuel Rota Bulo', Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy

(O-30min) Exact Inference in Graphical Models: is there More to it?
Caetano, Tiberio; McAuley, Julian
(O-30min) A Game-Theoretic Approach to Hypergraph Clustering
Rota Bulo', Samuel; Pelillo, Marcello
(O-30min) Predicting the Geometry of Metal Binding Sites from Protein Sequence
Passerini, Andrea; Frasconi, Paolo

Thursday 21 ================================

[8:30] Conference registration

[9:00] (session chair: Christian Blum) Invited talk by Professor David Wolfe Corne, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Title: Super-Heuristics: Evolving problem solvers
bio, abstracts

[10:00] (session chair: David Wolfe Corne)

(R-30min) A Math-heuristic Algorithm for the DNA Sequencing Problem
Voss, Stefan; Caserta, Marco
(R-30min) Algorithm Selection as a Bandit Problem with Unbounded Losses
Gagliolo, Matteo; Schmidhuber, Jürgen
(S-15min) On the Potentials of Parallelizing Large Neighbourhood Search for Rich Vehicle Routing Problems
Derigs, Ulrich; Bartodziej, Paul; Vogel, Ulrich
(S-15min) Optimized Ensembles for Clustering Noisy Data
Breaban, Mihaela
(S-15min) Stochastic Local Search for the Optimization of Secondary Structure Packing in Proteins
Kapsokalivas, Leonidas

[12:00] (session chair: Silvia Poles)

(R-30min) Consistency Modifications for Automatically Tuned Monte-Carlo Tree Search
Teytaud, Olivier; Berthier, Vincent; Doghmen, Hassen
(R-30min) Bandit-based Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for Noisy Optimization: Rigorous Runtime Analysis
Teytaud, Olivier; Rolet, Philippe
(S-15min) A Multilevel Scheme with Adaptive Memory Strategy for Multiway Graph Partitioning
Hashimoto, Hideki; Yagiura, Mutsunori; Sonobe, Youhei
(S-15min) A Network Approach for Restructuring the Korean Freight Railway Considering Customer Behavior
Oh, Seog Moon; Choi, In-Chan
(S-15min) Learning Decision Trees for the Analysis of Optimization Heuristics
Chiarandini, Marco

lunch break -------------------------------------


"Software for Optimization" (LION-SWOP)

Organizers: Mauro Brunato (University of Trento, Italy), Youssef Hamadi (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK), Silvia Poles (EnginSoft, Italy), Andrea Schaerf (University of Udine, Italy)

(R-30min) Grapheur: A Software Architecture for Reactive and Interactive Optimization
Brunato, Mauro; Battiti, Roberto
(O-30min) Interactive Software for Multiobjective - NIMBUS Framework
Sindhya, karthik; Tarkkanen, Suvi; Ojalehto, Vesa; Miettinen, Kaisa
(S-15min) The EvA2 Optimization Framework
Kronfeld, Marcel; Zell, Andreas
(S-15min) PIDO meets KM: Knowledge-based approach to support Optimization Strategy Selection in Engineering Design Process
Poles, Silvia; Manzoni, Sara; Colombo, Ettore


"Crossing the Chasm for Evolutionary Computation" (LION-CCEC)

Organizers: Gabriela Ochoa University of Nottingham, UK, and Marc Schoenauer, INRIA Saclay - Ile-de-France and Microsoft/INRIA joint center, Saclay, France.

(R-30min) Feature Extraction from Optimization Data via DataModeler’s Ensemble Symbolic Regression
O'Reilly, Una-May; Vladislavleva, Katya; Veeramachaneni, Kalyan
(O-30min) A general cost-benefit-based adaptation framework for Multimeme Algorithms
Jakob, Wilfried
(O-30min) Analyzing Bandit-based Adaptive Operator Selection Mechanisms
Fialho, Alvaro; Sebag, Michele; Schoenauer, Marc; Da Costa, Luis
(O-30min) Generating Metaheuristic Optimization Code using ADATE
Lokketangen, Arne; Olsson, Roland

[20:00] Social dinner at Bonvecchiati restaurant.
Best paper award.

The LION 4 winning papers for the award are:

First prize
Adaptive "Anytime" Two-Phase Local Search
by Jérémie Dubois-Lacoste, Manuel López Ibáñez and Thomas Stützle

Second prize
Time-Bounded Sequential Parameter Optimization
by Frank Hutter, Holger Hoos, Kevin Leyton-Brown and Kevin P. Murphy

Friday 22 ================================

[8:30] Conference registration

[9:00] (session chair: Marc Schoenauer)

(R-30min) A Column Generation Heuristic for the General Vehicle Routing Problem
Goel, Asvin
(R-30min) Linear Genetic Programming with Multiple Outputs
Vazquez-Rodriguez, Jose Antonio; Woodward, John; Petrovic, Sanja
(S-15min) Learning of Highly-Filtered Data Manifold Using Spectral Methods
Safro, Ilya; Roderick, Oleg

[11:00] (session chair: Mauro Brunato)

(R-30min) Adaptive Filter SQP
Turco, Alessandro
(R-30min) Gaussian Process assisted Particle Swarm Optimization
Kronfeld, Marcel; Zell, Andreas
(S-15min) A parallel multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for phylogenetic inference
Cancino Ticona, Waldo Gonzalo; Jourdan, Laetitia; Talbi, El-Ghazali; Delbem, Alexandre

lunch break -------------------------------------

The afternoon is dedicated to business meetings.