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The conference takes place in the heart of Venice, at the Ca' Dolfin historic building of Universita' Ca' Foscari, Venezia.
Ca' Dolfin Ca' Dolfin Aula Magna

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The conference venue is in the heart of Venice, and most central hotels can be reached within 10-20 min walks (plus some more if you get lost...). The choice of hotels is wide and January is a positive month, not crowded and with excellent hotels available at reasonable (Venice) prices. Asking for special rates (as we tried) isn't worth the effort: internet booking prices are similar or even better. Book well in advance. The following links are provided for your convenience, we have no relationship with booking.com. Also note that all reservation details can be changed in their web search service.
  • In Venice. Usually worth the expense: sleeping with the sound of water moving in the canals is an experience to be lived.
  • Cheaper hotels can be found in the hinterland of the Venice municipality. Mestre is well connected by public transportation (see the travel info page), about 60 minutes from the conference venue. But do not expect a similar experience: Venice is a jewel town, Mestre is an industrial town with no particular history.

Social events

As in the previous edition we are organizing social events such as a cozy social dinner. It will take place at Bonvecchiati restaurant , in the evening of Thursday Jan 21.

External Links

Here are some suggestions for short trips in and around Venice.

Short walks in Venice

The Lagoon