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The conference takes place at the Faculty of Science of the University of Trento. The location is on a hill, approximately at 2Km from the city centre.
Albrecht Dürer's paintings: Trento and surrounding areas, see more photos here .


The following Hotels are located in the historical center of Trento, at about five/ten minutes on foot from the bus number 5 bus stops leading directly to the Faculty of Science (conference center).
Prices are valid for Lion 3 conference participants until the reservation deadline of November 28. Reservations are to be done directly with the hotels (remember to specify that you participate in LION3 - University of Trento).

Loc.: Via Belenzani 70 - 38100 Trento
Tel.: +39 0461 234114
Fax: +39 0461 234114
e-mail: info@hotelveneziatn.it
Web: www.hotelveneziatn.it

Prices (per night, breakfast included):

  • single room 40.00 Euro;
  • double room for single use 50.00 Euro;
  • double room 54.00 Euro.

Loc.: Vicolo Colico 4 - 38100 Trento
Tel.: +39 0461/233600
Fax: +39 0461/230174
e-mail: info@accademiahotel.it
Web: www.accademiahotel.it

Prices (per night, breakfast included):

  • single room 68.00 Euro;
  • double room for single use 80.00 Euro;
  • double/twin room 115.00 Euro.

Loc.: Via Torre Verde 52 - 38100 Trento
Tel.: +39 0461 983010
Fax: +39 0461 230603
e-mail: info@hotelamerica.it
Web: www.hotelamerica.it

Prices available as soon as possible.

Loc.: Via Belenzani 76 - 38100 Trento
Tel.: +39 0461 986282
Fax: +39 0461 986292
e-mail: info@aquiladoro.it
Web: www.aquiladoro.it

Prices (per night, breakfast included):

  • single room (king size) 85.00 Euro;
  • double room for single use 98.00 Euro.

Loc.: Via Alfieri 1 - 38100 Trento
Tel.: +39 0461 271000 / +39 0461 271704
Fax: +39 0461 271001
e-mail: congress@grandhoteltrento.com / reservation@grandhoteltrento.com
Web: www.grandhoteltrento.com

Prices (per night, breakfast included):

  • single room 93,00 Euro;
  • double/twin room 103,00 Euro;
  • junior suite for single use 143 Euro;
  • junior suite for double use 153 Euro.

Social events

As in the previous edition we are organizing social events such as a cozy social dinner, wine tasting and both "fresh air" and "warm-up" meetings during the breaks and the evenings.

Useful information

The taxi service is active 24 hours on 24, even on holidays. You can take a taxi from anywhere in the city of Trento. The cost of a single trip from Trento to Sardagna is approximately 13 Euros (but it may be more costly during the night, with baggages, etc.).

To book a ride call the Taxi service phone number: +39.0461.930002

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