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Call for papers

The meeting aims at exploring the boundaries and uncharted territories between machine learning, artificial intelligence, mathematical programming, and algorithms for hard optimization problems.

We want to reach a high level of interaction and diversity among the participants. To this end, in addition to a limited program consisting of original work presentations, a substantial portion of the event will be dedicated to nominated presentations of novel ideas, work in progress, novel and exciting application areas and methods, advanced tutorials and brainstorming moments.

Topics of interest include:

  • stochastic local search methods and meta-heuristics
  • reactive search (online self-tuning methods)
  • supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning applied to heuristic search and optimization methods
  • memory-based optimization
  • model-based meta-heuristics
  • prohibition-based methods (tabu search)
  • penalty-based methods and dynamic local search
  • variable neighborhood search
  • evolutionary algorithms and swarm intelligence methods
  • adaptation of discrete optimization methods to continuous optimization problems
  • algorithm portfolios and racing algorithms
  • experimental analysis of algorithms
  • autonomic computing and communications
  • practical applications (e.g., bio-informatics and system biology, computer vision and pattern recognition, computer networks and telecommunications, machine learning, data mining, scheduling, etc.)

High-quality scientific contributions to these topics as well as advanced case studies from interesting application areas are of interest. We welcome submissions for oral presentations in any of the following formats:

  • Original novel and unpublished work (max. 12 pages).
  • Manuscripts that have recently been accepted for publication or appeared within the last 6 months in a peer-reviewed journal or which are currently under review.
  • A statement of interest of about 1/2 page as well as an extended abstract of about 2 pages. This is appropriate for work in progress, new ideas, outrageous opinions.

Each submission is evaluated according to its relevance to the meeting, novelty, technical quality and presentation. For this purpose, the author is required to nominate at least three members of the technical program committee whose expertise is closely related to topic(s) of the submission.

Statements of interests and presentation abstracts will be distributed in the form of informal proceedings at the meeting (with the intention to encourage discussion of work in progress and detailed discussion of recently submitted work). Full manuscripts may be distributed by authors at the meeting at their cost and discretion. After the event, we plan to organize a special issue of a high-quality journal, to which the participants will be invited to submit their original work.

Submissions and registrations will be handled according to the following schedule:

  • Nov 15, 2006 deadline submissions for oral presentations
  • Dec 5, 2006 acceptance decisions
  • Dec 15, 2006 registration deadline

This is a single page PDF version of the call for papers.

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